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It is against this backdrop that U Can Grow Africa (Pty) Ltd provides a wholistic approach to establishing collectives of small-growers that together create economic scale to source primary inputs, involve experienced supporting farmers and thereby supply into the formal supply chains. This is underpinned by our technology. Our objective is to break the downward poverty cycle of rural communities through the creation of a shared value[1] vertical supply chain for high value agricultural production systems. We use this supply chain to empower and enable rural subsistence farmers to become successful agripreneurs linked from “Seed to Label” into the mainstream local and export market. We focus on complimentary high value and rotational crops such as essential oils, pharmaceutical and medicinal crops, superfood crops, etc. Vegetable crops and animal husbandry are also introduced and organised to contribute to food security and childhood nutrition in these rural areas in order to create robust frameworks for sustainable livelihood creation.


The objective of this program is to unlock and harness the enormous untapped potential of food systems to drive rural agro-industrial development, boost small-scale farmers’ productivity and incomes, and create additional employment in expanding segments of food supply and value chains. Our transformation agenda will address current structural deficits to create wealth for smallholder community agricultural co-operatives through the following mechanisms


Key Services Offered :

The business has three main areas of expertise for residential and business premises:


  • A structured contract farming and beneficiation participation model that locks-in off-take agreements to power win-win market linkages that help de-risk and micro-finance smallholder farmers
  • Bringing together of smallholder farmers into a larger program linked into out-grower programs with existing farms in the greater area unlocks bulk buying power, selling power and shared access to infrastructure
  • Cutting-edge technological solutions that link individual farmers into a cooperative that works, making it easy to achieve quality gateways, link into markets, and receive capacity and skills development
  • Hands-on training and provision of ongoing field agent farmer mentoring to build capacity and establish a self-sustaining and self-sufficient local economy
  • Igniting the ability of communities to unlock economic benefit through micro-learning that teaches communities how to maximise the economic value of their assets, and how to save and grow their money
  • Data driven impact monitoring that educates, motivates, and incentivises people to open their own road from poverty to prosperity
  • Personal ownership and an empowered mindset, will help turn individuals, their families and communities into agripreneurial assets to the country



    Steve Carver

    Social entrepreneur, Founder & Chairman of the WinWin Group

    Mary-ann Parr

    Founder, agricultural and agro-processing growing expert

    Nigel Rudling

    Senior Agronomist focused on Sustainability as well as Quality

    Projects completed

    Vegetable crops and livestock
    Vegetable crops and livestock
    Vegetable crops and livestock
    Vegetable crops and livestock
    Reel Gardening through ucangrow
    Families growing families
    Vegetable crops and livestock
    Vegetable crops and livestock
    Vegetable crops and livestock
    Vegetable crops and livestock
    Vegetable crops and livestock